About us

Leesey Star

Elise is the name my twin sister who used 'Leesey Star' to sign any card, letter and/or note to her family or friends. Leesey left us to join the stars on January 6th of 2020. She was a beloved sister, daughter and friend to many. She will always be our Star and our Angel - always and forever.

2020 has been a tough year for all us to navigate hasn't it? A trying year and if we weren't struggling with mental health and wellness issues we quite possibly are now due to lockdowns and/or because of long periods of isolation or perhaps we've lost a job - or we know a friend or neighbor who has. Lets check in on people. People need cheering up and we need to be a village and look in on others too, especially those living alone, and those who seem to have it all together, being strong also gets exhausting.... Together we've got this! 

At Leesey Star we offer a large variety of Encouragement and Inspirational Wrist Cuffs whilst also promoting Mental Health Awareness. Every wrist cuff has a message of encouragement.

Leesey Star has a Mental Health Awareness section on the home page of our site and a CRISIS LINES link featured at the bottom of the home page.

These are numbers text/phone and information for those of us that may be feeling anxious (about a test, exam or anything), over whelmed, depressed or just generally defeated. Its so important that if we need to we reach out to a friend or relative (first) and/or (secondly) that we reach out to a trained professional from one of the Help/Crisis numbers listed here or maybe one that you've found from an online directory in your given country, or a referral from a caring friend. Don't forget, these crisis numbers are also for people that we think may need them too, so if you think someone is mentally suffering you too can text these numbers and ask the responding professional what you can do to best help them. 

Mental Health and Wellness is no lesser important than Physical Wellness, in fact more so! The body cannot function without the mind! Just like there is no stigma in going to the doctors if your back hurts - there is no stigma in asking for treatment if you feel mentally unwell/unbalanced or you are suffering from anxiety - or you know someone who might be. There is zero shame in asking for help.

You matter. You are important. Please be well. 

Tomorrow brings hope and there is always another opportunity to turn it all around!